Do Rothschilds control cryptocurrencies? – Etherium founder asks



After discarding cryptourrencies for over 8 years, #Goldman #Sachs, has just announced the #launch of its very #own bitcoin rival. Called #Circle #USD #Coin, it’s the first #cryptocurrency to be created and released by one of the world’s leading financial giants. Yes, that is kind of the antithesis of the countercultural mentality that spawned the likes of Bitcoin. But it’s also a familiar name and, as the continued popularity of McDonald’s and Hilton Hotels around the world shows, that’s a big selling point for many people.#Fintech



Sites stifle speech, keep people not-informed:


This article by Michael Krieger @LibertyBlitz is a must read. he tweeted:
WW3 will be more about currency and the financial system than missiles.

“The Road to 2025 (Part 2) – Russia and China Have Had Enough”

The Road to 2025 (Part 2) – Russia and China Have Had Enough


The jobless claims turned out to be $164,000, giving rise to unemployment rate of 3.9%. But there was wage decelerations. The S&P rose by 23% in the 1st Quarter over the 4th Quarter 2017. The DOW Jones rose by 1.35%.
However I claim that the above was rigged statistics because they forgot to report that over 400,000 people left the work force, and that we don’t know what percentage of the rise in S&P was due to Quantitative Easing by the FED injection of money and what percentage actually stemmed from earnings.

“In each case, the token represents a fractional ownership of the underlying asset’s value, but not the asset itself. (The very definition of a token is “a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact.”) viiIn this sense, tokens are unlike securities, which represent true ownership. With tokens, it is more accurate to say they represent a share of perceived value.”
Awesome work by some of the leading women in the space- Olga Feldmeier and Navroop K. Sahdev

Gold Telegraph @GoldTelegraph_ reported:


Nomi Prins @nomiprins

This is what #RealCollusion looks like. When one central bank (The FED) reduces QE, another accelerates -maintaining the average rate of developed countries at zero percent, and the tide of asset purchases rising.

Wall Street Drop Out reported that It’s becoming quite clear that Japan’s amicable stance on $BTC is driven by the understanding that its multi-decade economic policies are reaching the end of their useful lives. Please note: This graph shows the Public debt, not the total debt.


Peter Schiff of SchiffGold.com reported: “The federal government is running $100 billion per month budget deficits – and this is supposedly during an economic expansion. What’s going to happen when we hit a recession?”

Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com reported that the FED’s balance sheets (the one that FED shows to the public, you and me) is at $5 Trillion and has caused a bubble in every asset price known, stocks, real estate, corporate bond market, ….
He also mentioned: “Party like it is 1929”.

In the morning of Thursday 04/19, I went to my bank (Citi Bank that is a major nationwide bank in US) to withdraw $50,000 in cash. Make a long story short, the lady teller told me I had to wait for 5 days, up until the following Tuesday 04/24, in order for the bank to order the cash, to receive it…. THE BANK DID NOT HAVE $50K OF CASH!

This following announcement might look hypocritical but it is true: After years of denying Blockchain and BitCoin, JPMorgan announced: #JPMorgan and #NationalBankCanada (NBC) have carried out a #debt #issuance #simulation using a new #blockchain #platform. NBC issued a US$150 million, one-year #floating-rate #Yankee #certificate of #deposit, with a #parallel #simulation of the #issuance using #blockchain technology. #Goldman #Sachs Asset Management, #Pfizer, and #Western #Asset were among the #investors in the Yankee certificate of deposit. The test saw the banks mirror the execution of the actual transaction through a debt issuance application developed by JPMorgan that runs on #Quorum, an open-sourced variant of the #Ethereum blockchain #fintech

IMF (International Monetary Fund) released a newsletter about the history of SDR, and the currency components of SDR for the general public.