Was Jesus Christ a Macro Economist? Yes, he was the best one. Jesus showed us the way out of our current debt problems. Let me explain:

Michael Hudson reported that in Aramaic Language there was one word for “Sin” and “Debt”. Because people who wanted to commit sins, used to borrow money for it.

As Mel Gibson depicted in his 2004 epic movie, Jesus Christ went to the Bazar of Jerusalem, and confronted the Jews who were trading the Roman Coins (equivalent to $USD today) with which people got in debt. Jews became angry with him, and that’s why Jews decided to crucify him: Jesus was destroying Jewish life line of indebting and taking advantage of people.

Following the foot steps of Jesus Christ, We have to allow for ALL of the nations to declare bankruptcy, and start the economic game all over again. The current world Debt will lead to currency wars, to trade wars, and to hot wars eventually. So let’s define a new economic system where the work of workers is sacred, not the money of investors.

Look at solution A in www.ReplceTheFED.com

Profit sharing: In 10 year projects, at 2% Interest, 20% of the profit goes for capital investors, $20% for project managers, 60% for the workers.

Principals of Jesus Christ Jubilee Economy (or Debt Forgiveness):

1) We ‘ll define a new currency as in solution A in www.ReplaceTheFED.com (Google screwed me up by falsely tagging the site as unsafe!)

2) We will forgive Everyone’s Debt per Jesus Christ.

3) We define a new Profit Sharing Equation, see below:

For Example, in a N year project here is the profit sharing formula in a “Jesus Christ” profit sharing economy:

Let’s assume investor gets X% of the profit (= means gets):

Investor = X Project Managers = R times X , where R is a number say between 1 to 4

Workers or Laborers = 100% – (X + R times X)

What about the interest rate? We determine the interest rate by optimizing the above profit sharing equation such that a) Annual Debt (total Debt in the country) Increase would NOT exceed The GROWTH RATE (a percentage of Total Economic Production) of that country, b) keep Velocity of Money constant in that country. This analytical optimization can be solved by Nassim Taleb or by computers or by me. It ‘ll look like Bohr Model, a Stochastic Optimization Formula.

So the Profit Sharing solution would perhaps look like:
In a 10 yr project: Interest rate @2.3%, Investor 20%, Project Managers 30%, Workers 50%.

Work is sacred. Money is NOT sacred.

I will assemble a large number of Macro Economist, Statisticians, Financial Experts, Commodity Traders, Money and Currency Exchange Experts as well as Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence Experts, and Software Engineers to execute the above tasks. I have designated them all but for now would not reveal their names until Replace The FED gains momentum. Everybody reading this text is also welcome to join in. Experts from Hoover Institute are welcome to join and have an active role.
I will assign a team to assemble and program the interfaces for Banking as a Platform to enable people and corporations to form their own Micro Banks.
I will implement a Global Settlement Network that would enable the settlement of any financial transactions across the world.

I will buy off new block chain based technology for voting, enabling We The People to vote on critical economic issues such as Liquidity, Interest Rate, etc. based on a Voting Agreement approved by Congress.

I will issue a new crypto currency as described in Solution A.

I will have the University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center develop new US Dollar Bills (very similar to the existing bills in terms of design and size).

I will re-negotiate the Debt, National Debt, and Unfounded Liabilities with the creditors and will propose a settlement offer to the creditors with the approval of the Congress