This is “You” in the existing #US #Oligarchy, Economic #Power Structure. #Banking Elite are empowered by The #FederalReserveBank.

“You” are #WETHEPEOPLE and Every Non-Financial/Non-Banking/ and any Manufacturing entity in US.  Help me make this diagram upside down, and put #You on the Top.

FED has made the social system of America in Jeopardy. A system is stable when the number of winners are almost equal, if not more than, the number of losers. Today, the winners are the top 1% who enjoy the fruits of FEDs policies. The winners are those who meet after midnight with FED executives in a crony capitalist market.

As the result of the crony capitalism by FEDs policies, there is no free market left in US. There exists no price discovery. People who seat close to the driver seat of the FED (i.e. those “Connected people” who meet FED executives at 2:00 a.m. in the morning before a major FED announcement) enjoy comfortable lifestyles while the rest of us have to work in an Uberized economy, i.e. we have to put out our resumes on the temp job sites hoping to receive a call for a temporary work opportunity. But the call never or rarely comes. The cocaine cartels of Columbia are more honorable than those “Geniuses” who distribute money printed by the FED in the US economy. FED policies can be summarized as follows: “Free money for the Big Banks and the Wall Street, Inflation for You the People.” FED prints money, devaluing the currency at lightning Speed, to keep S & P up and running. Then claims: “GDP is growing”. Yes, but who benefits from this fake GDP growth? We have 97 million working poor, people who work in service industry and cannot make the ends meet, in the country of Thomas Jefferson. Their purchasing power of American workers diminishes day by day. There are no real price discoveries in the commodity markets. All prices are rigged. The values of Gold and Silver are rigged. The Dow and NASDAQ exchanges are rigged. The interest rate and currency exchange rates are rigged. The policies of Federal Reserve Bank are tilted in favor of the Establishment when the major announcements by the Federal Reserve officials are made at the Council on Foreign Relations (! Yellow Cabs report an influx of taxi cab trips between the big bankers of the Mid-Town to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, especially from mid night to 4 a.m., just prior to major announcements by the FED. The Hollywood is rigged, ever since Mel Gibson couldn’t land a project after his epic portray of Jesus Christ in 2004. People like Weinstein with easy access to cheap credit, made movies that polluted the minds of our children and changed the moral norms of the country. Being a patriot has become a sin. Silicon Valley is rigged too. The friends of the Establishment have access to cheap Capital. With cheap money, the Venture Capitalists (VCs) invest in Startups. Usually the VCs fire the founding CEOs (like Steve Jobs of Apple) and take control of the company and run with it (like Twitter) and when they fail, they blame that the company should NOT have been funded from the beginning (#XLOptics was an example). Silicon Valley is rigged when the VCs hear the pitches by the entrepreneurs and then they invest capital in some other team, “cooking up” their companies based on someone else’s ideas. Even the price of vegetables like Avocados are rigged. For example, in the early 1980’s, we used to pay $1 for 15 Avocados in San Francisco’s retail markets on Irwing street. Thanks to Bill Clinton’s NAFTA, we pay $1.35 for 1 Avocado these days if we can find Avocados on sale anywhere in the City. Meanwhile the Mexican workers in Mexico have NOT benefited from NAFTA either. That is why they try to cross the border in masses. So America is experiencing living in a rigged economic and rigged political world where everything is rigged in favor of the Establishment. Even the intelligence community is rigged in favor of some foreign countries like Saudi Barbaria and Israel. Almost everything is rigged.

The interest of Establishment and its “Oligarchical and Crony Capitalism” practices is NOT in line with the interest of the Main Street Americans. The “Special Interest” has deprived the American people from their wealth, and have turned 160 million American working people into an “On-Demand” and “Slaved” work force at near or slightly above the minimum wages in an Uberized Economy (Someone filed for an Uber business model patent in 2007, but he was not granted the patent). At the time of this writing, there are 97 million “working poor” Americans who cannot afford a $400 automobile repair bill. Over 30% of the Americans earn around $32K annual income. The “working poor” had absolutely nothing to do with the financial meltdown of the 2008, yet they have paid for its consequences dearly. Obama’s policies have created a large income inequality gap, wage deflation and price (of goods) inflation, added $4 Trillion to the National debt, and given $4 Trillion of fiat money to the Big Banks. Obama Inc, has been the most profitable startup in the history of the Universe, because his Wall Street endorsers spent $500 MM in campaign contributions to make him the President and in return,  he paid them back $4.75 Trillion in fiat money. What a great deal Obama, Inc had been for his investors! Only 5% of the $4 Trillion has trickled down to the American people.  The honest American people are being grinded under normal living conditions trying to make the ends meet from paycheck to paycheck. While Americans are not “Angry People”, their anger over the missteps of the Establishment has spilled over onto, say, occupying some Federal Land in Oregon by the Far Right, or onto occupying the Wall Street by the Far Left.

Meanwhile in USA, the social discontent is monotonically increasing day by day at an astonishing rate. At some point in the future, the social discontent would reach a boiling point. That is when a social mayhem or a Revolution takes place like a Thunder. America “the beautiful” is pregnant with a Revolution.

The political spectrum has shifted from a bell shaped graph into a Skewed bi-modal shape graph as depicted above. The Center is shrinking while the two modes are enlarging and spreading toward the extreme ends at the “Anti Establishment Plane”. Nationalism is the common denominator between the Far Left and the Far Right at the “Anti Establishment Plane”. Nationalism is the Resonator of all forces at the back surface of the spherical surface.