Here is #MacroEconomic Analysis of Obama years as an Elitist President. When #Obama came to power,
The Total Consumer #Debt in #US was $12 T (T=Trillion).
He added $10 T to the #NationalDebt.
The FED printed $4.8 T in #QuantitativeEasing **
Total = $14.8 T
$14.8 T – $12 T = $2.8 T

If Obama had paid off ALL Consumer Debts, all of $12 Trillion as of 2009,
#WeThePeople would have been ahead by $2.8 Trillion.
Go Figure.
Conclusion: Obama was a Bilderberg Elitist President, By The #WallStreet, For the Benefit of Wall Street.Folks, Help Me #ReplaceTheFED.

* I am fighting for the future of America, Future of our kids. **Assuming Federal Reserve Bank is honest in declaring its balance sheet.  I am 100% sure The FED is NOT honest because they have mis-categorized Toxic Assets as Good Assets in the Positive column of FEDs Balance Sheet. Also the FED carries several Balance Sheets! I can prove it.