My solution is a combination of Solutions A, Solution B, & Solution C.

I intend to introduce a new US Dollar in print, and in Crypto Currency, backed by a Basket of Goods. The Basket of Goods will include, but is not limited to, a weighted price sum of Soy, Corn, Silicon, Natural Gas, Oil, Precious Metals, Cement, Steel, And a Barrel of Drinking Water, etc. The secret sauce is in the formula for correlating the prices of goods in the basket by some quantum dynamics formulas. The spooky science that Max Born came up with for description of Quantum Mechanics fits the description of Economic Chaos of our times. The future or the New US Dollar will be equivalent to a weighted sum of those goods in the basket.

The net effect is that we shall create a $200 Trillion USD, quantify the debt and liabilities, will have Trump negotiate and pay off all the unfounded liabilities at a discount, and start the economic game once again.

By leaving the current Petro Dollar in favor of the New US Dollar, would be equivalent to filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The United States of America has declared bankruptcy twice before: First US Bankruptcy was in 1931-1933 when US banned trading of Gold Coins for international trading, issued a Gold based US Dollar such that every ounce of Gold was equivalent to $32.5 Dollars; Second US Bankruptcy occurred in 1971-1973 when President Nixon decoupled US Dollar from the Gold base, and introduced Petro Dollar by essentially backing USD with the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. I intend to, in effect, have the Federal Government file for a chapter-7 Bankruptcy when I introduce the new US Dollar. The problem with the two previous bankruptcies was that the Government allowed the FED to continue with its corruptive behavior. And so the FED made even bigger problems in post bankruptcies era. WE The People will NOT let the FED continue with its corruptive behavior.

But under the New US Dollar, we cannot allow the FED to continue and make the same kind of mistakes as the FED did over the past 100 years. We shall replace the FED with a Decentralized Entity where the working people of America will be in charge of decision making. We will change the rules of the Game so that our kids would not face the economic problems we faced in the past 104 years. We will change the rules of finance, such that everyone in US would have access to easy uninterrupted finance to start and grow a business.

Replacing the Federal Reserve Bank? Yes, because in a thriving and growing economy, 33% of GDP should come from manufacturing industry, and 10% from financial industry. However, at the present time in US GDP the above ratio is reversed. Less than 9% of GDP comes from manufacturing industry, and about 35% of GDP comes from the financial and related industry. This is pathetic. 70,000 manufacturing companies have left US.
Meanwhile since 2009, the GDP grew by 38%, the wages remained stagnant, while the stocks went up by 331% since. Go Figure. Central Banks led by the FED have hijacked the Free Markets by printing $23 Trillion bailout money, given it to their friends in Wall Street (those who meet with the FED executives between 12:00 midnight and 4:00 a.m.), have almost privatized the Stock Market, and have suppressed any prospect wage growth in US. The bubble will burst along with a huge “Credit Freeze and Banking Apocalypse.” #WeThePeople will pay the price for all the faulty consequences of FED’s Quantitative Easing and its Ponzi balance sheet. I hate when the Big Bank executives come on TV and pretend like they are the Geniuses having better Genes and much smarter than the rest of us.

Meanwhile Wyoming is challenging the FED policies: your Please try to find my articles and postings on LinkedIn about the FED, its Inefficiencies, and its Oligarchy. You may have to cut and paste the links into Browser. Also watch Behzad Imani two minute video on YouTube.