To Trump: Tell the Federal Reserve Chair that if the FED is honest, then I will send 11 White Patriot CPAs to Audit the FED. I am sure they won’t let me. They never allow FED to be audited. FED just published a nice piece of “Propaganda”. Tell them “#WeThePeople” look at our pocket books. What does Record Stock Market have to do with #WeThePeople (benefiting from it)? Nothing. Party like it is 1929.

As of this writing, we have people who live in motor homes and camper homes falling behind their mortgage payments.
@PlanetPonzi: US #Stocks rocket to new record highs, AGAIN. Pay no attention to the $Trillion+ student #Debt that can/will never be repaid, underwater commercial real estate loans, subprime auto loans, massive credit card debt (at 20%) and sky high health insurance bills!
Party like it is 1929!

The FED understated its balance sheet to $4.8 Trillion. The actual debt is much more than $4.8 Trillion. The FED doesn’t use the same kind of calculators as the rest of us use! Actually, the FED keeps several balance sheets: One for We The People to see and feel good about the economy and future prospects. A second balance sheet is for Government. A third balance sheet has all toxic assets and ….
Party like it is 1929!

As of today, the student loans are about $1.475 Trillion. The Following Graph indicates that the Default Rates of Students loans are approaching 11% (about $150 Billion). They will definitely go higher as we approach 2020.

The spooky science that Max Born came up with for description of Quantum Mechanics fits the description of Economic Chaos of our times. Moreover, the governors of the Federal Reserve Bank do not distinguish their left hand from their right hand, but they are good at one thing: Financial Engineering to advance a certain Agenda, just like Main Stream Media advances the same sort of Agenda by Fake News”.