Behzad Imani, Ph.D, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science.
From The University of Arizona, and San Francisco State University with experience in:

Blockchain, FinTech, InsurTech, AgTech, EdTech, MedTech, CleanTech, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Energy Platforms, Finance and Seed Fund, Tech Transfer, Operation, Sales and Marketing. Work Force Selection and Management in High Tech Environments. Interactions with partners & customers (including C-level), Program management & collaboration, identification and assessment of technology trends, Customer engagement, Business Development, Innovations. Board of Director Negotiations, Auditing, S1 filing with NASDAQ and Underwriters.

Macro Economics, Digital Banking, Alternative & Digital Currencies and Payments, Energy Economics & Finance, Economics of Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, Online Advertising, Rational and Irrational (Panic) Decision Making by Consumers & by Terrorists, Revolution & Social Unrest Predictions.

Solar Project Development, Flat Panel, Mono Poly Triple Junction Cells, Concentrating Solar PV, Concentrating Solar Thermal, Solar Hybrids, Solar Hot Water. Power Plant Design & Commissioning, Nuclear Power Plants, CNG & CHP Power Plants. Turbine and Jet Engine Designs, Micro Turbine Designs and Applications. Computational Fluid and Thermo Dynamics, Oil Reservoir Modeling and Flow Control, Non Linear and Decentralized Systems.

Clean Air Systems, Air Pollution Control, Carbon Sequestration Technologies.

Data Center Design & Real Time Control and Commissioning. HVAC, Energy Audits in Commercial Buildings and Industrial Processes. Electro Chromic Windows. Water Efficiency Optimization and Control in Agricultural Fields.

DWDM Optical Transport Systems, Software Driven Networks, Network Evolution, White Noise Antennas, Error Correction Techniques in Wireless and Fiber Optic Networks, Long Haul, FTTH.

X-Ray, MRI, and CT Scanning, Cancer Therapy Radiation Oncology Machines, Optical Gene Sequencing, and Personalized Medicine.

Thin films, Optical displays, Mirrors for Telescopes.