Every $USD printed by/borrowed from the FED used to create $2.6 worth of growth in the 1960s and 1970s. Today it only creates $0.06 worth of growth in US Economy.
Because, the FED prints money, issues credit to, bails out the #WallStreet that are among the top 10%, keeps S & P up high.
The FED’s money and credit DOES NOT trickle down to the base of Economic Pyramid. Let me define the Economic Pyramid: “We The People”, Small Businesses, Mid-Size corporations, Large Non-Financial corporations such as Intel, Texas Instrument, Gilead, GenenTech & all manufacturing outfits in the country, constitute the base of Economic Pyramid. Moreover, The #FederalReserve is NOT HONEST in declaring its correct balance sheet because the FED categorizes its “Toxic Assets” as “Good Assets” in the positive column or simply eliminates them from the Balance Sheet that is available to the Public. So in one sentence: The #WallStreet that is sitting closest to the driver seat of the FED, benefits from the FED and FED policies. The rest of us in the #MainStreet who seat in the back of the bus get the short end of the bargain, the waste, “The Inflation in Price of Goods with Wage Stagnation Across the Board” even in the corporate world (except for the C-suits who get some benefit from corporate stock buyback programs). The system is unsustainable.
If you really want to #MAGA, you have to put this cow on a Thread Mill. – Dr. Imani

#FederalReserve winding down FED’s Balance sheet from $4.8T is a dream. Just that: A DREAM. The FED understated its balance sheet to $4.8 Trillion. The actual debt is much more than $4.8Trillion. The FED doesn’t use the same kind of calculators that the rest of us use!

Actually, the FED keeps several balance sheets: One for We The People to see and feel good about the economy and the future. A second balance sheet is for Government. A third balance sheet has all toxic assets and ….
Let’s party as if it is 1929.