#Globalists say that as the wages increase, there is a treat of #inflation therefore the #StockMarket should sink. #Nationalists say that as the #wages increase, laborers / workers will have more purchasing power therefore the #factory outputs, & #stocks, should ascend.
FED has certainly widened the Income Inequality.

“As Illustrated above, The Federal Reserve Bank Has Done A Great Job Destroying The Middle Class” – Zero Hedge.

Per FED policy makers, every time the wages are increasing, (they claim) the stock market SHOULD collapse because the FED would increase the interest rate. As of this writing, FED policy makers are saying that they need to hike the rates because the wages have increased by the Trump tax cuts of 2017! The FED treats #WeThePeople as if we are the Wild Enemies of the State, and that they need to tame us, punish us, by refusing to give us credit, and by forcing us to pay more for our mortgages, car loans, and student loans.

This picture says it all, Any Questions?
Let’s stand up for each other in the Spirit of 1776.
Let’s have moral courage to stand for high idealism.
Let’s NOT denounce each other.
Let’s march for the common good.
Let’s revive the Camelot.
Let’s articulate a goal that benefits our children.