President Andrew “The Anti Establishment” Jackson has been one of my heroes because he saved the Union in face of great debt, great disenchantment and economical challenges of his times. He stood up and walked tall for the Main Street America and against the corrupt banking system of his time especially the Second Federal Bank. By dissolving the 2nd Federal Reserve Bank, President Jackson guaranteed 70 years of undisputed e growth in US, even during the Civil War. Under 100X political scrutiny microscope, President Trump has to examine the life and times of President Andrew Jackson, especially the years from 1800 to 1836, and learn from his experiences. If he had stayed in office for a couple of more terms, the US would not have had to face a succession of one term Presidents leading to the Civil War of 1860s. No wonder the Establishment (that does not wish to see another Andrew Jackson) is so enthusiastic about removing his picture from the $20 Bill. I pray that US would not have to face a series of one term Presidents leading to a revolution sometime after the 2020 Elections. The ball is in the court of the Multi-National Multi-race Oligarchical Crony Capitalist Establishment at the present time. The unfortunate hardball “power play” is that the Establishment is using the picture of a respectable African American woman to strip off the Americans from their Christian Anglo Saxon identity and heritage just as they used the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s to diminish the powers of the Christian Patriates, Militia and Libertarians. I sincerely believe that the Civil Right Movement was more about minimizing the rights of the Christian Centrist Americans than elevating the rights of the Minorities and the African Americans.

For the record, Andrew Jackson was against the paper bills because he was fearful of the Government printing the hell out of them. So I think that he wouldn’t mind being removed from the $20 currency. Although I do believe that freedom loving Libertarians of the world should mind it. However, great many patriots will be gravely upset if his picture is removed from the bill.

For the record, a large number of micro banks in partnership with community banks, county banks, state banks, corporate banks, equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning should substitute the Federal Reserve Bank. We have the circuit design for the network architecture accomplishing this task of replacing the FED, The NASDAQ, and the DOW, and all other markets.